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Our Picks from DrupalCon Prague

DrupalCon Prague 2013 wrap-up

DrupalCon Prague is now over and we collected our notes after everyone got back to the office. Here are our favourites among the sessions.

Joonas From, Developer:
Aphorisms of API Design, by Larry Garfield - Lots of good tips and tricks about software development in general, spiced up with a good amount of humour.

High Performance Sites with Drupal and Cache Control Module

Cache Control Module

High performance sites are hard to build with Drupal and in a number of cases Drupal's own page caching does not give enough boost. Exove has been working for years with all kinds of sites with extremely high performance requirements. We have developed a number of strategies and using external caching has proved out to be one of the most efficient ones.

Social Aspect of Audits

Software auditing is a delicate matter. Normally, the customer of the audit owns the code. It makes it pretty simple. Even though the programmers might have an emotional relationship with the code, they usually can hold that back as long as they’re fully aware of who the actual owner of the code is. It’s not at all fun to get your work and your decisions scrutinized even then, but it’s understandable.

Our Presentations from DrupalCamp Baltics 2013

Exove banners at DrupalCamp Baltics 2013

DrupalCamp Baltics 2013 was a real blast. Really good topics, great presenters, a lot of networking, and loads of fun! It is good to see Drupal community growing in Estonia and the other Baltic states.

We had two sessions at the camp, and as usual, we have published the slides on our Slideshare page.

Kalle Varisvirta, our Technology Director, talked about Auditing Drupal Sites. This session will be heard in an amended format at DrupalCon in Prague.

Janne Kalliola and Jakob Persson Speak about DrupalCon Prague Business Track

Janne Kalliola, our CEO, and Jakob Persson, the founder of Sveyt, talk about the upcoming DrupalCon Prague Business & Strategy track on podcast by Brian Lewis from Modules Unraveled. Janne is the track chair for the Business & Strategy track and Jakob is a featured speaker on the track.