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Perfect Web Project Seminar Slides

We hosted yesterday an excellent seminar on what are the ingredients for a perfect web project together with North Patrol and Prominda. Besides excellent presentations, we had lively discussion on the topic.

The slides can be viewed on our Slideshare channel or directly below.

Drupal 8 - What to learn from Symfony, slides

We had a very good Drupal Café yesterday. Joonas Iivonen, a senior developer at Exove, gave an excellent presentation about the Symfony components in Drupal 8. The focus was on what a Drupal developer needs to learn from Symfony to be productive with Drupal 8.

The slides can be found at our Slideshare channel and also below.

Drupal Café: Drupal 8 - What to Learn from Symfony2

Drupal Café: Drupal 8 & Symfony2

The next Drupal Café on Tuesday April 8th will be interesting one. Joonas Iivonen, one of our senior developers, will discuss about which parts of Symfony2 one needs to master in order to be productive with Drupal 8.

The topic is more and more relevant as the launch of Drupal 8 is coming nearer, and the inside of our loved CMS has changed a lot.

More information and enrollment >

Why We Organise Drupal and WordPress Cafés

Drupal Café banner

We have been organising Drupal and WordPress Cafés about half a year now, and we have received good feedback about them from the participants and speakers.

We believe in openness and the power of communication, and the cafés are a perfect way to empower local open source communities with openness and communication. We provide space and drinks, handle invitations, and secure speakers - the community handles the rest by coming to the event, discussing, and networking.

Nenäpäivä - Comic Relief 2013

Exove has been participating in Nenäpäivä - globally known as Comic Relief - charity event for two years now. Our role has been to design and implement www.nenäpäivä.fi site to both create the awareness for the big day, and also to collect money through volunteer teams.

The big day was on Friday, and the event collected almost three million euros. Of those, 255 940 euros were collected by the teams using the site that is, by the way, powered by Drupal and Drupal Commerce.

First Finnish Drupal CXO Held

Yesterday the business leaders of Finnish Drupal companies met at the first Finnish Drupal CXO event.

Participants included most of the Finnish Drupal vendors, a couple companies that provide services to Drupal vendors, and a content management expert company. We discussed on topical business items using open space methodology and agreed on actions to grow the business potential of Drupal in Finland.

Follow-ups will be handled by the companies and Finnish Drupal association. Stay tuned.