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Lahti2017 – A solution to support the communicational evolution of the Nordic World Ski Championships

The Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships was the biggest event of the centenary year 2017 and much more that just ski championships. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime event – a phenomenon that you want to take part in.

Exove designed and implemented a website that will convey this message. The first phase of the site is live, and as the championships get closer, the site will evolve. With Drupal as the content management system, it is fast and easy to create and manage the contents of the site.

Client objective

What makes this project interesting is the evolving nature of the communications towards the actual event. The Lahti2017 communication efforts will go through many stages focusing on different goals. Therefore we needed to design a solution and also a process to support this evolution.


In the first phase, the site was aimed at enticing users to register to ‘World’s biggest ski club’. Registered users form a community to which marketing actions such as direct emails are directed and that will grow organically by member-get-member effect.

Once ticket pre-sales started, the main purpose of the site shifted to supporting the sales. Different segments of ticket buyers have been identified, and the site will be catering for all of them. In order to reach the ticket sales target, the championships will need to be seen as more than a skiing event appealing to ski enthusiasts only. With marketing, service design and creative solutions, it will be built into a phenomenon. The site will play an essential role in helping this target to be reached.


Exove designed a site that will go through several evolutions. This way, the site will reflect the client’s objectives at all times. We’ve also created an iterative process, where each communication goal of the project is separately solved, building on top of what has already been built.

Drupal was chosen as the content management system. The contents of the site will grow considerably as the championships get closer. Drupal provides excellent tools for managing vast amounts of contents.

Easy-to-use admin tools are very important to the client. Drupal’s admin tools are accessed through a browser and require no technical knowledge. Editing images and creating and managing content is fast and easy with Drupal.


In a situation where the need to get the Lahti2017 site up had become critical, Exove was able to implement and launch the site in only a few weeks. The site has been an essential part of the marketing actions aimed at growing the registered user base.

The ticket pre-sales phase was also implemented with agile development and fast lead times.

The site is easy to navigate with mobile devices and due to responsive images, works very nicely also on high resolution displays.

Exove will continue to work closely with the client in planning and implementing the future developments of the site.