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Mira Hiltunen


Mira works as a front-end developer at Exove.

Mira will be an IT engineer when she grows up (i.e. when she finally gets her thesis done and graduates). Engineering runs in the blood in Mira’s family, her father and his father before him being engineers too. She currently studies in Metropolia University of Applied sciences, majoring in Mobile Solutions.

Before finding her true passion in technology, she studied graphic design. Even though she doesn’t really do design anymore, the degree has not gone to waste. It has given her some good insight in front-end development and a useful variety of skills. Working as a developer is not just about writing lines of code, it’s also about creating something new and making something that is both beautiful and meaningful.

In her free time, Mira enjoys video gaming, playing piano and travelling. Her dream holiday is to go to Antarctica.

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