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Maija Mahlamäki

Project Manager

Maija got into IT when she was working as a customer experience manager and noticed that digitalization is happening all around us and that the digital world is actually quite fascinating.  Maija thinks that digitalization is about people and processes as much as it is about technology and she wants to understand all these aspects of her work. That’s where her peculiar combination of studies in social science, psychology and computer science comes in handy.

As a project manager Maija is responsible for the budget, scope, schedule and resourcing of projects. Customer communication is an integral part of her work and thanks to a background in international relations she’s familiar with the art of diplomacy. Right now she’s excited about developing the company’s agile development model and learning about data.

When not managing stuff, Maija likes to travel, drink wine, play tennis and watch her favorite TV show Friends for the 27th time (Ross is her favorite – who’s yours?). Also, Maija loves math.

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