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GDPR training for developers

GDPR Training for Developers

European privacy regulation, GDPR, demands a lot of understanding of privacy. However, since most of the public discussion is more on high level, it doesn't help designing and developing systems to be in compliance with GDPR. This course focuses on the technical aspects of GDPR and it is tailored for developers, architects, quality engineers, and people in other technical roles.

During the training you will learn

  • The definitions of private and personal data
  • How to think and design along with privacy – compare to PCI DSS
  • Data flows
    • integrations
    • residual data
    • backups
  • Controlling data
    • How to meet the users’ rights?
    • Aggregation
    • Automatisation, does it help?
    • How to maintain consistency?
    • Restore and backups, special considerations
    • Data portability
  • Privacy by design
    • Data protection as a default and built-in
    • Metadata related to gathering users’ information
    • Managing given consents
    • Risk assessments and technical mitigation
  • Cloud services, special considerations
  • How to define the system and its functionality for privacy policies and internal process descriptions

Who will get the most out of this course?

This course is designed exclusively for developers.

For business people and project managers, there’s another, less technical course available.

What will you learn during this course?

You will learn how to approach technical challenges with a proper care of users’ privacy, what are the common pain points in architectures and how to deal with them. You will also learn how to properly handle data under GDPR, and how to make sure that everything is designed by privacy first.

How to register?

The price for this course is 250 EUR (+ VAT 19%).

The length of the course is 4 hours 30 minutes and it includes lunch and a coffee break.


  • Speakers

  • Janne Kalliola
    Janne is the founder and CEO of Exove, a digital growth company that helps their clients in looking into the future and achieving growth by designing and creating visually attractive, user-friendly, seamlessly working digital solutions. He is also an expert in GDPR and a frequent speaker in various open technology conferences.

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