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Trainee program

Trainee Program 2020

It started in 2013 and it’s still going strong.
The annual trainee program will be here again this summer!
This year the application period is 15.1. – 9.2.2020.

Excellent English skills are a must working in a multicultural environment. This time we also emphasize capability to understand and speak Finnish due to current client needs.
The job advertisements you can find from here.

What’s the Trainee Program all about?

Exove is hiring 4-6 potential digital business superstars to take part in the annual Trainee Program.

Exove Trainee Program is more than a summer job – during your Trainee period you get to have several trainings consisting of both technology-oriented sessions and trainings about digital business. Naturally you will also be working with hands-on tasks – with a dedicated mentor guiding and supporting you through your Trainee period.

Want to know more? We’ve written more detailed information about the Trainee Program here.


The Trainee Program will start officially in mid-May, and be over at the end of August.

However, to ensure we can get the best people to work with us, we prefer doing it flexibly. The employment period can also start earlier according to your study schedule, or you can start as a part-timer in May, as long as you participate in the organised trainings. Normally our Trainees continue working with us after the Trainee period, either full-time or part-time.

For whom?

Our Trainee Program is designed for university level students who have theoretical knowledge and skills in their chosen field, as well as fluent English skills. Previous work experience or certain level of completed studies is not required.

Why do we do this?

Throughout the years, we’ve learned that apart from our Trainees being wonderful colleagues and friends, they very quickly become true professionals in digital business. It’s great to see people’s expertise growing, and careers developing, such as Marc’s or Heidi’s.

How to apply?

The Trainee Program positions are published in our open positions.

We’ve written a little guide to explain the Trainee Program recruitment process, and to help you in making a great application. Check out also Heidi’s tips on getting your first IT job and Ville’s advices for the job interview.

In case you have any questions about the program, recruitment process or the positions, please feel free to contact us at

Join our awesome gang and apply now!

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