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Nelli Holopainen

Nelli is a front-end tech chick who likes all things nerdy and girly. This can be seen in her work, she loves doing beautiful quality projects with newest technologies. She knows how to do kick ass themes in both Drupal and WordPress.  Nelli has a passion in creating better customer relations and experiences, and she believes that transparent communication is the key to happier teams and happier clients.

Nelli is a bachelor of Media Engineering, which means she has got a fancy sounding formal education of pretty much anything. She’s done courses in web development, project management, design, 3D, film and music. So far on her career she has mostly focused on web development but being a curious, fast learning and enthusiastic chica, she’s more than ready to expand her professional knowledge beyond any existing definition. Bring it on.

On her free time, she likes to explore new worlds (both virtual and regular), study languages and play ukulele. She is also interested in street styles, dancing and wondering the secrets of fulfilling life.