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University of Oulu – Making the lives of multiple administrators easier with flexible content management

The University of Oulu is one of the largest universities in Finland with an exceptionally wide academic base.

Designing and delivering a centralized CMS for huge organisation

Over the years, University of Oulu’s website had grown in size to hundreds of thousands of pages and hundreds of sub-sites for different needs of departments, projects, and personnel. Amazingly, the university had no content management solution to manage the site, and most of the staff were updating the pages by hand. This outlined the challenge for us: how to design and deliver a centralized content management system for a huge organization with hundreds of people administrating the website, armed with different skillsets and hugely different objectives?

Finding the most suitable and cost-effective technical solutions to meet the requirements

We started the project by providing the university with consultation on CMS systems and online publishing in general. We proceeded by gathering requirements from different parts of the organization and prioritizing them. After choosing Drupal as the content management platform, we helped the client to find the most suitable and cost-effective technical solutions to meet the requirements. In the actual implementation phase, we created a unique Drupal-based multi-site system, that allows the client to create new Drupal sites with one-click publishing. We then started training hundreds of the university’s staff to administer the new website with the new tools provided. In this project we’ve co-operated with the ad agency Siberia, who has provided the visual design for the site.

The outcome of the project is one of the largest Drupal-based sites in Finland.

So far over a hundred websites have been created by the university using the multi-site system, and many more are still being built. The university’s new student application rate has grown well above the average, largely due to the new and easier to use website.