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About Trainee Program

Exove Trainee Program is meant for university students, who are on the final stage of their studies. Trainees will be working in versatile project tasks as members of the development teams, strongly supported by trainings and mentors working in the same team.  Trainees will also have a possibility to continue working after summer as part-time or full-time employees.


Exove is an active participant of the open-source development community, and we have the best specialists in the business in Finland. Our company culture supports knowledge sharing, and all our employees participate in trainings each month, either on competence level topics or more general company level trainings. In addition we host several community events regularly.

For trainees we have designed a special program to support the competence growth during the summer. The trainings consist of general topics like the agile way of working, but also highly technical trainings introducing our most common platforms such as Drupal or Node.js. The trainings are held weekly or bi-weekly, each lasting approximately 1-2 hours depending on the subject. The trainings are scheduled to take place from mid-May to end of August.


Each Trainee will be working in a project or several projects according to their skills and interests. Your mentor in the team will make sure that you get to try out different tasks and is there to support you along the way. We have selected our mentors by their skills and personality.

Our organization is based on competences and as a Trainee you can choose a competence that you are mostly interested in, and we try to emphasize those tasks during your Trainee period. Regardless of their chosen competence the Trainees will work with other tasks as well according to their skills, as it provides a better view on the whole process of digital service development.

Career opportunities

The time and effort that we are investing in the Trainees as a whole is quite significant. We want to create an opportunity that we would like to have had when we were still studying. A place, where you can actually work in your chosen field of study, get paid for your work, get the support that you need in the start of your career, and to be able to really combine your studies with working.

We want to hire each Trainee after summer, as our people policy is all about long-term relationships and commitment. However, the employment contract for Trainees is done on a fixed term basis – Trainee position in itself can’t be permanent. HR will discuss with each Trainee individually during August, and your future employment can be adjusted to your studies and wishes.

Many of our permanent employees are still studying, and at Exove we are extremely flexible with work time arrangements. There are several competences to choose from, and the Trainee period during the summer will give you a good start on practically anything at Exove.

Our previous trainees have been extremely satisfied with the choice they have made. Take a look at Heidi’s or Marc’s stories. Our recruitment process usually starts mid-January, so stay tuned!

Read also about Trainee Program Recruitment Process.

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