Service Manager

Patrik has experience from B2B SaaS sales and has been working with a variety of large Finnish e-Commerce companies to improve their online sales and user experiences. Patrik started at Exove as a Project Management Trainee to broaden his understanding of, and to learn more about, the tech industry and managing projects in this multifaceted environment. Since August 2017 he has been a valued member of the Exove project management team. He is motivated to help develop customer businesses and wants to be a part of creating awesome customer experiences. Patrik aims to be in the forefront of digital business development.

In addition to the digital world, Patrik is a highly enthusiastic about sports. He plays Bandy (Jääpallo) at the highest level in Finland, but also keeps busy playing football, golf and pigeon shooting from time to time. Patrik ran the the Oslo marathon in 2017 and promised never to do it again. Might do a triathlon one day though. Coming from a strong background in team sports, Patrik highly values working together with others to achieve a common goal.