Senior Developer,

Team Lead

Antti is a true generalist, a full-stack developer with experience in all aspects of web development starting from the age of blinking text and the browser wars. Besides web development, he has also dabbled in technical writing and documentation and even made the occasional foray into the world of teaching. If you find yourself needing a 2000-word essay on the pros and cons of opening links in new tabs, look no further.

At Exove, Antti mostly focuses on Drupal sitebuilding tasks ranging from technical solution planning to module and theme development. He also likes to experiment with CSS, writes blog posts he thinks are funny but really aren’t, and acts as the team lead at our Oulu office.

A linguist at heart and by training, Antti likes programming languages as much as he likes natural ones: both annoy him equally, regularly and spectacularly. In his free time, he likes to run. Fast and far. Away from problems like “hey, what’s the plural elative form of kuvakoko ‘image size’?” (it’s kuvako’oista – sorry).