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Fresh look, flexible content management and unified user experience on all devices


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is a future-oriented organisation that promotes Finland’s competitiveness and the well-being of the Finnish people. Sitra anticipates societal change, tries out new operating models and accelerates business activities aimed at creating sustainable well-being. Exove provides support and small scale development for the website built on Drupal.

Client objective

Sitra’s objective for the facelift was to improve upon the non-functional and outdated design and structure. The front page was to be renewed so that more news and articles could be shown but with a distinction between different types of content. Events were a main priority to show on the front page and Twitter, being a primary channel for Sitra, needed to be prominent.

Even though the large majority of visitors use desktop devices to browse the site a responsive site was critical in order to cater to the tablet and mobile device users as well.



Exove Design produced a contemporary layout based on Sitra’s needs. Using colors and fonts from the Sitra brandbook the site would match the rest of the materials. The designs were worked on in cooperation with the customer to ensure the needs were met.

The new front page was implemented by using and modifying existing functionality when possible. This served to keep the costs down and unify the user experience across the site. The content was divided in three prominent sections with flexibility for Sitra to choose what to display where.

In addition to renewing the content section also the header and footer were given a new design to take up less space on the screen and improve functionality. Social media icons were added to both header and footer and a scrollable Twitter feed in a prominent position. In order to tie the renewed front page together with the rest of the site the colors were updated to match throughout.



The updated frontpage gives a new, fresh look that is easy to navigate on all devices. Having the freedom to highlight different types of content on the frontpage increases the amount and quality of information shared. Displaying a very active Twitter feed also serves to highlight the current nature of Sitra’s work.

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