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Oulun Autokuljetus

Oulun Autokuljetus, OAK in short, is one of the biggest transportation and earthmoving service providers in Finland. Using WordPress, we created a new website for OAK with many custom features and functionality, including an intranet solution, that provides OAK’s truck drivers with realtime information.

Client objective

To match their recent brand update, OAK needed a new website, that would better highlight their offering and support sales. They also wanted a simple but powerful intranet solution, that could be used as an everyday tool to communicate with their fleet of truck and lorry drivers.


Together with the design agency Mainonnan Työmaa, we created the new website utilizing the WordPress CMS. Several language versions were needed and they were easily realized with WordPress. For the intranet, we implemented a simple integration to OAK’s logistic systems to provide realtime information for the truck drivers.


The project was completed in schedule in the beginning of 2012 and has proven successful. The new intranet has provided OAK with great tools to communicate with their fleet and the site has succeeded in communicating the new OAK brand to its audience.

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