Invalidiliitto – Accessibility as an important part of the web service

Equal access to information and functionality for all users

The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities (FPD), known in Finnish as Invalidiliitto, is a national multi-field lobbying and service association that promotes the possibilities for people with physical disabilities to take part, move and live active lives.

Invalidiliitto wanted to renew their web service in order to make it modern, responsive and visually appealing. An easily maintained and cost-effectively extended site was a must, which is why an open source platform was selected as the base. The site was to be easy to navigate, read and conform to WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility standards.

Agile site renewal emphasising accessibility

The use of ready made modules provided cost-effective solution without compromising on usability and accessibility.

Focusing on easy content entry and high level accessibility

Exove finalised the concept work started by another agency and made the visual design for the new site. The process was done in close cooperation with the client utilising workshops, interviews and prototypes as work methods.

Drupal 8 was selected as the platform of choice for the new service. Core Drupal features and contrib modules were used when possible to keep development costs and lead time down. This allowed for fast paced development and also serves to keep the site easily maintainable and extendable in the future.

Invalidiliitto service on mobile

The new service now achieves WCAG 2.00 AA accessibility requirements

The main focus areas of the project, in addition to producing a beautiful, functioning website, was the ease of content entry and the accessibility of the site. Because of the large number of content administrators, the content entry process and content management needed to be streamlined. This was achieved by a common structure to all content types and easy to navigate administrative interface. To serve the Invalidiliitto members as well as possible, some effort was also put in to ensure the site passes WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility requirements from a technical standpoint.

invalidiliitto service on tablet

For new members to be able to join the association, an integration was done with the Kilta system, used to store and manage member information. Membership options are retrieved from a Kilta REST API and the filled form data sent back through the same API for registration. The site is also fully multi-lingual and finding content is made simple with a powerful SOLR based search feature.

The entire project was completed using lean and agile methodologies and in close cooperation with the client. Two week sprints during the development phase ensured continuous progress and transparency throughout the project.

Functional choices and agile development

The new was implemented in an agile manner with few customisations in order to keep costs down. Drupal was verified as a good platform choice with extensive core features and accessibility taken into account from the get-go. The new service achieves WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility requirements.

In the first phase of the project the main features of the site were implemented and the cooperation continues with further design and development with a satisfied client.

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