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We helped implement a new online service center for agricultural producers and entrepreneurs in Northern Finland. The system was built using the concrete5 open source content management system. Akraamo offers help and services for the agricultural industry where visitors can find help, tools and ways to communicate with others in the industry.

Client objective

Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ project LuovaOteKeskus aimed to build a new tool for agricultural business in the Northern Finland, which could offer service and tools for the businesses in the area. The requirement was that the site would be easy to manage and that there is a robust user management possibility. This was due to the fact that content management was to be done by for example teachers, students and the visitors themselves. The main idea was that the service center would not be just a material bank. It would also offer the possibility for visitors to send their own business ideas, business information, events and other content related to agriculture.


We helped Oulu University of Applied Science to build the service center with the open source content management system concrete5. Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ Communication Services was responsible for the visual design and content of the site. We provided the content management system and also implemented the special features such as idea bank, business and expert listings. The features were built using concrete5’s core features and also a few paid add-ons. The main features include the possibility for visitors to submit their own ideas, events and CV’s to the website, which the site administrators then can publish these as content to the site.


The result was a comprehensive package for agricultural businesses in Northern Finland. The website contains a lot of information for businesses and also ways for them to communicate with each other and get help in growing their business. It also makes it very easy for Akraamo to expand the service center and implement new features in the future.

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