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Systems Engineer

Do you get your kicks out of learning something new every day? Does working in a team bring out the best of you? Would you like to join one of the best workplaces in Finland? It may now be possible since we are looking for a Systems Engineer to join our Helsinki office.

As a Systems Engineer at Exove a major part of your work is to provide support for our developers in infrastructure issues. You are responsible for production deployments into hosting environments ranging from containers and cloud services to traditional managed hosting. Deployments are increasingly automated and you will create and maintain those automations. You will also help sales by creating infrastructure architecture to be sent out with our offers. As a part of your role you will co-operate and share your knowledge among the rest of your team.

Our dream colleague

Our dream colleague has carefully selected his/her Linux flavor and fine-tuned the Nginx configuration on it. His/her replicated MySQL service is outperformed only by his/her sharded MongoDB replica sets. He/she has time to focus on analyzing the network traffic while his/her platform is auto-deploying with Docker or Ansible. His/her daily routines includes following what’s new in the technology world and what new threats are there to be protected. The most important thing for us is your passion to learn new things every day. Fluency in Finnish is considered as an advantage.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We believe in cutting edge technologies and naturally this means that we don’t always have a ready-made solution for all situations. Working in an environment like this gives us an opportunity to use all our theoretical and practical knowledge and learn something new every day. We are offering you the possibility to work with skilled professionals and nice colleagues. We are also flexible: at Exove it is easy to balance between work and leisure.

Interested? Please send your CV along with application and salary request to We would also love to hear what made you interested in working at Exove.

About Exove

Exove is one of the leading Nordic companies specialising in open source web services design and development. The company was founded in 2006, and today we have 90 people working in our Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Tallinn, and London offices. 


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