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The Intersection of Three Verticals, Content, Commerce and Community

This article is a guest blog entry from Ivan Lopez, CEO of Wauwaa.

The new path to effective engagement with consumers and how Wauwaa is leading a new way of thinking.

Content is King. And the King isn’t going anywhere…

At Wauwaa, we firmly believe that exceptional content drives engagement and builds communities. But that’s not all. We also believe that publishing contextually relevant content within an e-commerce environment is the best way to achieve true balance within content marketing. So, while we’ve been watching the wide-scale uptake of content marketing as a business tool, we’ve also been doing things a little differently. By creating and publishing the right content within an e-commerce environment, we’ve been engaging a community too. Ultimately, we’re growing a business ecosystem from this three-way intersection of content, commerce and community, in a truly organic fashion.

Our strategy has developed out of acknowledging that subscriptions in publishing are declining. Yet while we know this, we refuse to accept that this must result in a diminished content of quality.

Publishers are of course embracing the logical model of advertising in a bid to maintain income. The revenues in this area can’t be ignored. However, adverts can cheapen the user experience and there’s a fine balance to be achieved before this line is crossed. Caution should be used particularly in the approach of adverts served automatically. A recent example of a particularly damaging campaign saw a US publisher serve adverts for guns in an article on gun violence. Damn you contextual ad automation!

E-commerce sites, meanwhile, struggle with getting eyeballs online. They need traffic and registered users, and then these users need to be continually engaged or retained so they continue to shop. This is costly and ultimately you groom the user to chase the deal. You can differentiate on product selection, quality and other variables but often it comes down to price. That’s a race to the bottom…

The approach at Wauwaa is to combine these two verticals and deliver a contextual shopping experience with relevant information to our target audience. Our consumers are parents and there are few more passionate about what and where they buy. Equally they are going through a life changing experience that has them asking questions, having doubts and seeking information – constantly. With every new milestone and with every new stage, new parents have queries, they have concerns, and they actively go in search of trusted communities for assistance and reassurance.

They also love to share and this sharing is often unsolicited. It occurs because they care, because they are excited, or experienced, or want to help – or want to qualify their own decisions.

They have opinions and they tell others what they are. A lot! Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that this is a community of adults who are incredibly engaged – and often in a positive way, sharing positive information.

We believe the combination of these three industry verticals – the 3Cs – is a logical and effective mix for our business and other business verticals. In some cases you see other companies doing it in part and doing it well.

  • Red Bull creates a lifestyle pursuit and makes some of the best content in the world for their audience.
  • Craftsy sells you supplies and shows you how to make something.
  • Brit +co has brought it to life with a nice combination of content and commerce.
  • Salomon tries hard to story tell with their content and it is beautiful, stunning and awe-inspiring.
  • Lush tells you the stories behind its products in a visually striking way.

These examples are brilliant – but some still seem to be lacking some integration.

Wauwaa is a content publisher. Our content is relevant, entertaining and useful. We contextually integrate the products we sell with our content and vice-versa. If you are reading or watching about breastfeeding experiences then there is a good possibility you would be interested in buying products around this. The topics and integration opportunities are endless and by no means limited to our industry.

No matter where or how we “touch” the consumer, we know the experience can be richer, more relevant and valuable to the customer than a retail shop. Convenience through online is a given. Our job is to make it incredible and we do that with care, empathy and focus on quality.

So welcome to our story and our way of thinking. We are passionate about what we do and we want to share it with you. We will be publishing regular thoughts on the 3Cs, starting a company, insights into our company, running the business and our successes, and – of course – our trials and tribulations. There might even be a story or two on being a dad to a family and a company.

Contributors will range from interns to the CEO and hopefully what we think or say can help better our industries as a whole. I don’t quite know the destination but I can promise you the ride will be amazing. That’s what counts in the end right?

Ivan Lopez,
CEO, Wauwaa

About Wauwaa
Wauwaa’s online ‘browse and discover’ experience launched in September 2013 combining written and video content, with online shopping and community for parents and growing families. We differ from traditional online shopping because we give families the unique opportunity to learn whilst they shop. This ‘browse and discover’ model, combined with our fast-growing online community, means that Wauwaa is not only an online store, but a lifestyle.


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