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Scoopshot won the best mobile service award at GrandOne

Scoopshot won yesterday the best mobile service award and got also a honourable mention on the best UX design category in Grand One gala in Helsinki.

Grand One is the biggest digital media competition in Finland, organised by Markkinointi & Mainonta newspaper and RE: Media.

The mobile services jury described Scoopshot as follows (my translation): A unique business concept with true focus on mobile. The service combines innovativeness in exploiting the mobile platform with a very stylish implementation. The service creates new revenue possibilities for third parties.

The UX design jury wrote the following statement for the honourable mention (again, my translation): The service innovation can be replicated into a global success story. The user experience expands over their service and glues the other stakeholders into a single entity. The user is in the center of the service – power to the people!

The quality of entries were really high this year, and there were several startups, such as Tinkercad and Kiosked, awarded during the night.

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