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Exove on place 19 among the best workplaces in Finland

Exove reached 19th position on the list of best workplaces in Finland in the category of medium-sized companies. The result is based on the annual research on the best places to work in Finland by Great Place to Work Institute.  Best workplaces in Finland is part of a global research that awards the best workplaces in over 50 countries. The participants in the research in 2017 were 151 companies with a total of about 48 000 employees.

This was the second time we were listed as one of the best workplaces. Along with growth development, we have invested in both hearing the employees, proactiveness and trainings. The investments have a positive effect on the client work.

According to Great Place to Work Finland, the reasons behind our position on the list are our exceptional investment on our employees’ personal development and training. We encourage our employees to proactivity and they are strongly involved in company-wide decision-making. According to the research, our employees saw justice and good camaraderie as Exove’s best characters.

In recent years we have invested in growth especially in clientele. Instead of multiple small projects, we are more and more involved in large digitalisation projects. This has helped us grow our expertise in many ways.

Personally I am very delighted of our listing in the research and especially about the improvements in our work culture and employee satisfaction evolved from long-term development. Growth sets challenges to work culture but as the research shows, we are focusing on the right matters. After all, the biggest advantage we get from participating in the research is the chance to develop our work practices even further, based on research results. The most important thing is that we will do our best for our clients and employees in the future as well.

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