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Drupal at Our Core

There has been a radical shift in how enterprises want to use Drupal. Their focus is moving from sites to integrated services., and this change is typically accompanied with a set of new technologies, such as MongoDB and Node.js. Still, the role of Drupal has become more central than ever. How?

Nowadays, success on the Internet depends more on your content than your platforms. Writing and producing content is a surprisingly expensive and tedious process. When you have produced excellent content, you want to maximise its effectiveness and usage in various channels.Managing, combining and transforming content flexibly and effectively has always been one of the key strengths of Drupal – and content output has not.

Many Drupal users address this dillemma by installing Exove’s MongoDB Indexer module that automatically copies all nodes and entities from Drupal to MongoDB in real time. The users are served using Node.js + Express or Koa that uses Twig.js, React, or Angular as user interface rendering layer. All the content changes are available in real time, shown with the latest, coolest, and greatest of front-end libraries available today, and blazingly fast with no caching whatsoever needed.

If you are interested in hearing more about this solution, check out Exove’s Technology Director Kalle Varisvirta’s sessions in DrupalCon Amsterdam and DrupalCamp London.

As we in the Exove team realized, content is just another kind of data, and Drupal’s content model can be used to manage, combine and transform that data flexibly and effectively. While the amount of data will explode with Internet of Things / Everything, most connected devices will have either proprietary or bad – or both – managing applications, and combining data will be a huge dilemma.

But we don’t think this will be the case for Drupal. It has all required input and output mechanisms to become a central point for IoT networks, connecting the sensors, devices, and people – using the same set of tools as in managing content. Need a web interface? Use Drupal as is or as a headless content source. Mobile app? Drupal REST APIs to rescue. Et cetera, et cetera.

Kalle Varisvirta has spoken about this in DrupalCamp Baltics in Tallinn and will also have a session at DrupalCon Barcelona.

And all of these great solutions have been achieved using Drupal 7. Think of the possibilities that the new architecture and component based approach of Drupal 8 will bring! The future sure looks bright.

Innovate to win with Drupal

In the celebration of the upcoming Drupal 8, we made a little game. Can you get all the way to Drupal 8? Have a try at! You will, of course, find us at DrupalCon Barcelona too. Come and meet us at booth #300.

Finally, we are also hiring more excellent people to work with Drupal and other open technologies. Check out our open positions at and join our happy gang.

Post originally published on From Our Sponsor: Managing Data with Drupal

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