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Aleksandr Beliaev


aleksandr.beliaev (at)

Aleksandr (or simply Sasha to his colleagues) cares the most about front-end at Exove, coding beautiful, user-friendly, and versatile interfaces. Having a master in HCI, he has a special passion for creating frictionless user experiences that excite and evoke trust and positive emotions. He also loves crafting accessible interfaces reachable by the biggest range of people possible.

Aleksandr has got his PhD in online media design and spent more than 15 years doing front-end and back-end for a variety of CMS such as WordPress and Drupal as well as working as a freelance web designer. He taught his trade to higher education students at Moscow State University and still satisfies the thirst for teaching by sharing the knowledge with his fellow colleagues.

Aleksandr works at the Tallinn office and has a splendid overview of the heart of the city from his desk; this helps him to relax and refocus when there is no sassy button or yummy animation to caress.

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