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Automated Regression Testing: High-Level Points To Remember

Anastasios Daskalopoulos

It should not come as a great surprise that the issue of software quality has recently become a significant topic now that development to release times have become shorter. Developing software with both speed and high quality has now become and will continue to be a big challenge in software

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Let's Encrypt

Roni Väyrynen

Just a while back HTTPS was considered to be used only in cases including login, payment transactions and others including handling of sensitive information online. It is still the status quo today in many occasions because so called SSL certificates add significant operational cost for server operators and one more

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Parsing directories the correct way with PHP


Rihards Steinbergs

Quite common task when working with files is the need to get a list of files (and/or directories) that match a specific pattern.

In many cases people create a custom solution using opendir, foreach and if blocks. But there's a much simpler and easier way to deal with this.

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Web security for Drupal developers

Jukka Ylitalo

For many tinkering with website security could represent a secret science where one would hesitate to enter. To start fiddling with it is for the hefty paid experts only, one might think.

But it is not so if we are to believe Matti Suominen from Nixu at the recent DrupalCamp

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Internationalization Retrofitting, Part 2


Antti Taimisto

If you've ever created a block in a custom module, you know it gets pretty repetitive. You need to repeat things like block IDs here and there, and if they ever change, you must change them in a dozen functions. Believe me, if the blocks use custom variables, it gets

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