Senior Developer / Architect

We are now looking for a Senior Developer/Architect to work with our exciting customer projects. The key focus is always to deliver the best value to our customers with business-driven and functional systems using open-source technologies. We are also actively taking part in open-source communities and therefore influence actively the development of the whole sector. 

Our Senior Developers work in projects in different specification and architecture design related tasks, and participate also in the daily programming work both by guiding others and by programming themselves. In addition our Senior Developers participate in the overall development of Exove processes and mentor our Junior Developers. 

We expect a lot from our Seniors, as we require both excellent technical skills and capability to understand customer requirements, but also the ability to communicate technical needs and requirements to other developers. In addition you should be able to adapt and learn in the fast-paced, changing environment as well as handle complex entities. We also expect you to have solid experience working with our basic technologies and tools (PHP, Drupal) as well as fluent English skills. 

We can promise you enough challenges, diverse range of customer projects and the possibility to change the world – together with our other professionals. If you are interested in the position, send your application with CV and salary wish to

This position is open in all our offices.