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Benefits of Software Testing


Why do we test software? Not in order to make tests pass. We test software so as to find bugs, i.e. errors in code, whether those errors are in third party libraries and frameworks or in code developed by us. Testing is successful if bugs and/or security holes are found in the process of testing. If bugs are found and fixed well before the product is released to the customers, then testing has paid off.

Search Engine Optimization Is About Putting Content First and Letting Technology Serve the Content

Your company has just finished publishing an all shiny and new modern website. Good going! However, how can you make sure that people are actually going to visit the site? Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of building a successful website. Content is always king, but technology also has a part to play in the royal court.

Search engine optimization should be taken into consideration already at the design stage of a website; at the very latest, it ought to be taken into account when content is being inserted into the selected system.

Viestintää keinotodellisuudessa - elämys joka täytyy kokea!

Virtual reality

On kaunis kesäpäivä ja kävelen jylhissä maisemissa Yosemiten luonnonpuistossa. Patikkaseuranani on presidentti Obama perheineen. Maisemat ovat henkeäsalpaavat, ja vuoristopurojen solina sekoittuu lintujen lauluun.  

Astun sisään noin neliön kokoiseen häkkiin. Ovi kolahtaa kiinni takanani. Säpsähdän ääntä ja käännyn katsomaan. Minut on suljettu terroristiryhmän vangiksi, ja mahdun tuskin kääntymään pienessä kopissani. Suljetun paikan kammo valtaa mieleni. 

What does full digitalization really mean?

Digitalization is the path an increasing number of traditional businesses are taking these days. But nobody really defines what it means. Usually it means that some, even most of the processes are moved from the physical world to the digital one. Some parts of customer interaction, for instance, are moved online.

Learning by doing in workshops, discussions and online interaction

Learning by doing at PHP Summercamp 2015

I had the privilege of visiting the combined event for PHP and eZ Publish developers. The events are called PHP Summer Camp and eZ Publish Summer Camp respectively.

Both events are held in the same location and are blended together. This year the event was held in Rovinj, Croatia - the home country of the company Netgen, an active member of both Symfony and eZ Communities. And the driving force behind the Summer Camps.