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My Journey from a Trainee to a Developer

I started at Exove in May 2015 as a part of the annual Trainee Program. I want to share my thoughts about how it all worked out for me.

Having had some prior experience with web development I came in expecting to be using just the same old technologies and to maybe have a somewhat boring summer. I was mistaken, within my first weeks I was working with technologies that I had only studied but never really had the opportunity to use. My coworkers have always been good for a laugh and if my summer was one thing it was not boring!

Drupal at Our Core

Exove - Drupal at Our Core - DrupalCon Barcelona

There has been a radical shift in how enterprises want to use Drupal. Their focus is moving from sites to integrated services., and this change is typically accompanied with a set of new technologies, such as MongoDB and Node.js. Still, the role of Drupal has become more central than ever. How?

Year 2014 in HR Nutshell

View from Exove's office in Helsinki in early January 2015

As many other people around new year I am cleaning up my endless list of to-dos. I do the closing of the year always in the same way; taking my little black notebook and checking all the year's to-do lists to check if there has been something worth revisiting or perhaps even replicating. I also check the statistics, how we're grown and what type of people we now have – this is not only a vital part of the planning process but also sort of rewarding on personal level.

Time for Ice Cream

Trainee program is ending - time for ice cream

Based on the weather summer ended a while ago already, but to follow tradition, we're celebrating the end of the summer today. What could be better way to do it, than to have ice cream?

We are also celebrating the end of an era, as our 2014 Trainees are "graduating" today. As of tomorrow they will be our permanent employees and members of the development teams. Despite of their individual situations with their studies, all of them were able to commit to working at least part time, and thus will be a valuable addition to our ever growing team of professionals. 

On the indispensable value of inquisitiveness

The value of inquisitiveness

Had you been deterred from this article after reading its unnecessarily complex title I would not have blamed you. But here you are. Perhaps you carried on reading solely because you have some extra time on your hands or maybe you are simply curious and not easily put off. Assuming and hoping for the latter, I believe this post to be relevant since it discusses curiosity, among other things.

More than cleaning the storage

I have been working at Exove for this summer as an office assistant. I study in high school and am interested in communications. I was thrilled when I got the job and even though I had my own expectations, hopes and fears, this job has turned out to be everything I ever wanted!

I have basically very little experience from working life before this, but I am an active member of the students association and act as an editor-in-chief for our school’s newspaper. 

Trainee Experiences

Project management trainee

It's been a few weeks now since I started as a project management trainee at Exove and I'm starting to learn the ropes. Hence it might be suitable to share a few words about the application process and the experience thus far, especially since I'm the only non-developer trainee and might have a slightly different perspective.

Welcoming Trainees

Welcoming trainees to a leading open source design and development company Exove

With hours, days and weeks of challenging selection process, we’ve finally reached a point, where we have selected all our Trainees to our Helsinki office. Last of the Trainees started the day before yesterday and we are ready with the Program launch as soon as Tallinn recruitment is finalized. 

This year we received altogether over 200 applications from talented candidates, of which we interviewed approximately 30%. As there are a limited number of places in the program, only one candidate out of ten interviewed got in. 

Selecting Future Talents

Due to my other responsibilities and full trust in our organization, I rarely participate in recruitment interviews. Regarding this year's Trainees we made an exception, and I've participated in the interviews of our future Project Management Trainees. There is a reason why, and I thought I'd share it with you. 

As a general rule, we believe in skill testing. Of course previous background in the field and interviews play a very significant role in recruitment decision-making, but we also want to know more about the way the person works, how they solve problems etc.