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To Zumba or Not to Zumba

When I first joined Exove five years ago, I asked the employees what kind of expectations they might have for me and HR in general. One of the comments got me very confused, as I was asked never to arrange Zumba. Confusing was not only the fact that I actually back then went to Zumba classes myself (What, how can this guy know that I do Zumba?) but also the thought of HR organizing dance workout classes to a bunch of programmers. Why on earth would I want to make these guys do Zumba?

Future lies in young people - spread the word!

People working in our field of business often have a difficult task in explaining what it is that they do for living. “I work as a service designer in a company, that provides digital services” isn’t quite as clear as “I work as a fireman” - and no wonder! The professions we work in are rather new to the world and we realised, that we need to do our part in spreading the knowledge.

Recipe for a Nice Summer at the Office

We are close to the end of our trainee period and want to share some of our thoughts and experiences from our summer that we spent as trainees at Exove. Summer at the office doesn’t sound too tempting but it turned out to be time well spent.

An escapade abroad - and why it's good to come back

Once upon a time I was a student looking for a nice summer job. I noticed there was an opening for a front-end trainee in Exove. I applied, got in and had a great challenging and educating summer as a trainee. Later on I had an opportunity to continue as permanent employee. I was about to start my last year in the university and my career seemed to be already skyrocketing.

My Journey from a Trainee to a Developer

I started at Exove in May 2015 as a part of the annual Trainee Program. I want to share my thoughts about how it all worked out for me.

Having had some prior experience with web development I came in expecting to be using just the same old technologies and to maybe have a somewhat boring summer. I was mistaken, within my first weeks I was working with technologies that I had only studied but never really had the opportunity to use. My coworkers have always been good for a laugh and if my summer was one thing it was not boring!

Drupal at Our Core

Exove - Drupal at Our Core - DrupalCon Barcelona

There has been a radical shift in how enterprises want to use Drupal. Their focus is moving from sites to integrated services., and this change is typically accompanied with a set of new technologies, such as MongoDB and Node.js. Still, the role of Drupal has become more central than ever. How?

Year 2014 in HR Nutshell

View from Exove's office in Helsinki in early January 2015

As many other people around new year I am cleaning up my endless list of to-dos. I do the closing of the year always in the same way; taking my little black notebook and checking all the year's to-do lists to check if there has been something worth revisiting or perhaps even replicating. I also check the statistics, how we're grown and what type of people we now have – this is not only a vital part of the planning process but also sort of rewarding on personal level.

Time for Ice Cream

Trainee program is ending - time for ice cream

Based on the weather summer ended a while ago already, but to follow tradition, we're celebrating the end of the summer today. What could be better way to do it, than to have ice cream?

We are also celebrating the end of an era, as our 2014 Trainees are "graduating" today. As of tomorrow they will be our permanent employees and members of the development teams. Despite of their individual situations with their studies, all of them were able to commit to working at least part time, and thus will be a valuable addition to our ever growing team of professionals.