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Benefits of Software Testing


Why do we test software? Not in order to make tests pass. We test software so as to find bugs, i.e. errors in code, whether those errors are in third party libraries and frameworks or in code developed by us. Testing is successful if bugs and/or security holes are found in the process of testing. If bugs are found and fixed well before the product is released to the customers, then testing has paid off.

Search Engine Optimization Is About Putting Content First and Letting Technology Serve the Content

Your company has just finished publishing an all shiny and new modern website. Good going! However, how can you make sure that people are actually going to visit the site? Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of building a successful website. Content is always king, but technology also has a part to play in the royal court.

Search engine optimization should be taken into consideration already at the design stage of a website; at the very latest, it ought to be taken into account when content is being inserted into the selected system.

Kilpailukykysopimus Exovella: panostamme koulutukseen, avoimeen lähdekoodiin ja asiakkaisiin


Kuten monessa muussakin yrityksessä Suomessa, kävimme henkilökuntamme kanssa neuvottelut loppusyksystä kilpailukykysopimuksen toteuttamisesta Exovella.

Lähtökohtaisesti olemme mukana talkoissa nostamassa Suomen kilpailukykyä. Tämä maa on antanut meille paljon ja nyt on aika antaa takaisin. Kuitenkin jokainen yritys on yksilöllinen, ja siksi lähdimme suunnittelemaan yhdessä Exoven näköistä ja makuista mallia.

To Zumba or Not to Zumba

When I first joined Exove five years ago, I asked the employees what kind of expectations they might have for me and HR in general. One of the comments got me very confused, as I was asked never to arrange Zumba. Confusing was not only the fact that I actually back then went to Zumba classes myself (What, how can this guy know that I do Zumba?) but also the thought of HR organizing dance workout classes to a bunch of programmers. Why on earth would I want to make these guys do Zumba?

How to Get Metrizable Results with Prototypes to Prove Your Digital Innovations Are Worth It

results with prototypes

I was building an online service for connecting runners with running event organisers a while ago. The business was based on the original idea and assumptions behind it. And that’s how new innovations are born - you find an idea, create assumptions to support it, and then you just go and explore.

Future lies in young people - spread the word!

People working in our field of business often have a difficult task in explaining what it is that they do for living. “I work as a service designer in a company, that provides digital services” isn’t quite as clear as “I work as a fireman” - and no wonder! The professions we work in are rather new to the world and we realised, that we need to do our part in spreading the knowledge.

Developer’s solution to building a better customer experience

the lounge

Building a good customer relationship can be tricky sometimes and it has many factors. What matters is the transparency and the trust. Being transparent, having a freely flowing discussion with all matters concerned helps build trust. Transparency means sharing also the fears and risks of the project.

I heard an inspiring keynote from Imre Gmelig Meijling at DrupalCamp Helsinki recently. Among other things, he spoke about creating good customer experience with Drupal projects through transparency, caring and good communication.