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Learning by doing in workshops, discussions and online interaction

Learning by doing at PHP Summercamp 2015

I had the privilege of visiting the combined event for PHP and eZ Publish developers. The events are called PHP Summer Camp and eZ Publish Summer Camp respectively.

Both events are held in the same location and are blended together. This year the event was held in Rovinj, Croatia - the home country of the company Netgen, an active member of both Symfony and eZ Communities. And the driving force behind the Summer Camps.

Why does eZ embrace Symfony?

Sarah Khalil from SensioLabs talking in eZ + Symfony event sponsored by eZ Systems and organised by Exove

Sarah Khalil from SensioLabs talking in eZ + Symfony event in Helsinki in June. Photo by Vuokko Rekonen.

This is a guest blog entry by Bertrand Maugain from eZ Systems.

Last week was an interesting week for eZ in Scandinavia. We arranged two PHP & Symfony meetups in Oslo and Helsinki in collaboration with our local partners. Exove was joining forces for the Helsinki meetup and it was great to see so many people joining.

Perfect Web Project Seminar Slides

We hosted yesterday an excellent seminar on what are the ingredients for a perfect web project together with North Patrol and Prominda. Besides excellent presentations, we had lively discussion on the topic.

The slides can be viewed on our Slideshare channel or directly below.

Marketing automation helps you reach your audiences when they are most interested in your story

eZ Marketing Automation (source:

Customer relationship management in digital channels raises many questions and thoughts on how to solve it right. They all revolve around the key issue: how do we get more prospects through the digital funnel all the way to closing the sale, and how do we do that cost-efficiently.

Exove London opened

We have opened our newest office in London. We see the city as one of the major web and mobile hubs in the world, and thus want to bring our expertise to serve the UK market.

We are 60+ people company located in Helsinki, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia -- and now, of course, in London. We are experts in using open source solutions to create value to our customers and end-users alike. 

To celebrate this event, we have also renewed our web site to better reflect our service portfolio, experience, and the cases we have designed and implemented:

iPad seminar material

We had an excellent seminar on Wednesday about designing and implementing iPad and mobile applications. The seminar featured Jarno Koponen from Futureful, Bertrand Maugain from eZ Systems, Norway, and Petri Rahja from Scoopshot. Besides our partners and customers, also our own people, namely Aki-Ville Pöykiö and Juha Jauhiainen from Exove Design had presentations.

The programme of the seminar can be found on the earlier blog post.