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We're a DrupalCamp Helsinki sponsor

We are excited about the upcoming DrupalCamp Helsinki 2016. This year we are a gold sponsor among five other companies. DrupalCamp Helsinki will be organised on August 26-27.

In addition to the sponsorship, we also have two speakers at DrupalCamp:

Anastasios Daskalopoulos: QA in the Development Process 

Top picks from DrupalCamp Turku 2016

When it comes to versatility and popularity, Drupal is often the obvious CMS choice. Like all CMS solutions it has its issues but also a lot going for it.  This is my second DrupalCamp and I think the topics of the presentations look quite representative of what Drupal is about and what challenges it poses to professionals delivering solutions to customers. 

Everyday Open Source & Drupal 8 for Frontend

Otso Kivekäs from Codento gives a keynote presentation in DrupalCamp Finland 2015

Otso Kivekäs from Codento gives a keynote presentation in DrupalCamp Finland 2015.

I didn’t know what to expect from DrupalCamp 2015, other than what I had been able to pry out of my workmates beforehand. Those explanations were also pretty vague “you go there and you listen to a bunch of guys”. However, the explanations turned out to be more accurate than I expected. Still, the event gave me a couple of new thoughts that I’d like to share. Here’s a couple of points from a front-end developer’s perspective.

Celebr8D8 and DrupalCamp Helsinki

Drupal 8 release party in Helsinki in November 2015

Drupal 8 content management system was relased last month. The release had been awaited, and was celebrated in 207 parties around the world. One of the parties was in Helsinki. It was inspiring to see a great number of Drupal developers and users from different companies in Finland come together, share thoughts on Drupal and celebrate the release. 

A first-timer’s view: DrupalCamp Helsinki

Alberto Garcia-Viu talks about headless Drupal in DrupalCamp Helsinki 2015

Even if I have been doing software development for a couple years, I never had the chance to participate in an open source camp. My experience this far has been limited to watching some keynote videos but never seeing one live. 

I was not sure what to expect of DrupalCamp Helsinki, but fortunately the event organization was perfect and it started without problems. We had nice conference rooms, nice seats and sound.

Technology Does Not Matter

I've had the privilege of attending some great events this year: WordCamp, PHP / eZ Publish Summer Camp and finally DrupalCon. These were all great experiences for a professional working with Web Content Management, but the most food for thought came from a much more modest event: A two hour breakfast seminar titled "The right content for the right context".

The three larger events focused on specific Content Management Systems:

Drupal at Our Core

Exove - Drupal at Our Core - DrupalCon Barcelona

There has been a radical shift in how enterprises want to use Drupal. Their focus is moving from sites to integrated services., and this change is typically accompanied with a set of new technologies, such as MongoDB and Node.js. Still, the role of Drupal has become more central than ever. How?

Organising DrupalCamp Baltics 2015

Exove's booth in DrupalCamp Baltics 2015

This year's DrupalCamp Baltics was held yesterday in Tallinn, Estonia. Exove had the opportunity to be both a co-organiser and gold sponsor for the camp, and I was part of the organising committee.

Planning started already early this year when the leaders of Estonian Drupal companies - me from Exove, Ivo Nellis from Fenomen, and Merle Randlepp from Wunderkraut - got together to discuss the date and the location of the camp. We soon invited also Toomas Pippar from Mild Creative to work on the brand and visuals for the camp - and thanks to Toomas, the camp was top-notch visually.

Drupal Café: Why Finnish Scouts Selected Drupal as a CMS

Arttu Tanner from Scouts and Guides of Finland explains why they selected Drupal

The Finnish Scouts - or officially The Scouts and Guides of Finland - have been using Drupal for several years. We invited Arttu Tanner from the Scouts to give a Drupal Café session of the reasons and benefits of choosing Drupal.

The Scouts have been using Drupal for both their big events, such as jamborees, and also for their site. Flip through the slides on our slideshare channel or below to learn more.